Building a natural home for Artificial Intelligence.

At AI Mega Centre

We have set aside a multi-million dollar budget to spearhead our next phase of growth in three key economic sectors (Aviation, Cities and Healthcare) supported by capabilities in Artificial Intelligence/Data Science. We will work with industry to develop a suite of integrated, multi-disciplinary programmes to enhance SUTD’s education and research offerings, to prepare our graduates for the future economy, and to support national growth priorities.

Initiatives will include research collaborations to develop state-of-the-art technologies and capabilities to support industry transformation, in-depth faculty-staff learning and training exchanges, co-development of specialized, skills-based courses, access to advanced facilities and equipment for teaching, learning, research, enhanced internship and mentorship programmes focusing on job placements, innovation and entrepreneurship.


The AI Mega Centre provides the key infrastructural support for SUTD AI/DS on active and collaborative participation in the following areas:
* Education   
* Research and Development   
* Outreach   
* Industry Engagements   
* Entrepreneurial Activities


Provides active areas to showcase SUTD AI technologies such as test bedding and experimentation of ideas, experimental area for undergraduate students and researchers, interactive space and facilities for students to work on course projects, vibrant areas for students, researchers and faculty to generate ideas.


The following infrastructure will be gradually set up in the AI Mega  Centre:
* GPUs (Server class: a network will be set up for multiple access for students, researchers and industry collaborators);
* GPUs (Mobile class);
* FPGA for Machine Learning Deployment;
* Hardware for Edge Computing Research and Education;
* HRI Platform, VR/AR Platforms;
* Network Testbeds;
* Robotic Testbeds (UGVs, UAVs); and
* Drone Arena.

AI Research Partners